We musicians love our music and tunes, but we also live our rides!  Are you in the market for a new automobile and not sure where to start to figure out what car is best for your needs? With the relatively recent addition of hybrid and electric vehicles in the car market there’s a lot to consider when you make this decision. First thing to consider is how many miles you drive each week or month. If you drive relatively few miles, investing in a hybrid or electric vehicle may not make economic sense yet as these cars tend to be higher priced than their gasoline-powered equivalents. And the electricity cost to charge your car could be about the same as it would be to buy a gas car. However, if you drive your car to work and your employer offers electric charging on site for no cost, then you may be able to offset the cost of powering your car that way. But, you need to then make sure you can drive from work to home and back on a single charge so that you don’t have to charge the car at home.

If you drive a lot of miles each week, and especially if you’re commuting to work a long way, then you need to be aware that most hybrid and electric vehicles are also limited in the range that you can drive them on a single charge. Charging stations used to be slow to charge, but there are now fast-charging stations available to charge your car and you can find them often at places of employment, at shopping malls, and at parking garages. So that gives you a lot more flexibility to make sure that your car does not run out of charge before getting to your next destination – and you can do so with just a short wait of ten to twenty minutes as opposed to the typical 8-10 hours.

Hybrid cars have qualities of having the best of both worlds. You don’t get range anxiety with hybrid cars because when the electric charge runs out it switches over to gasoline power. So you get the benefit of a more clean burning vehicle, but with a longer range of driving miles available to you on a single destination.

Natural gas powered vehicles are another option in the non-gas powered vehicle options, however, people with these cars typically have to plan their driving routes around the availability of natural gas pumps which is not as readily available as electric vehicle charging.  Don’t forget quality lights in your garage to enjoy whatever vehicle you end up getting.  Go here for a great list of garage lights.

Once your have your new vehicle and want to enjoy some seriously good sounding tunes, check out Rockford Fosgate amps.  As you know, those are some of the best sounding amps and speakers you can get for your vehicle.  Get outfitted right and groove to the music!